$100 Worth of Covergirl Samples

It’s your time to shine. Receive $100 worth of all your favorite Covergirl Products. From foundation, to eye shadow, to mascara, Covergirl has got you covered. Request your free samples today.

Please feel free to review or comment on this great product. You can, for a limited time, receive a free* CovergirlĀ Sample. For great deals on this or other Covergirl products please review the link to the right of this article.

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4 Comments on "$100 Worth of Covergirl Samples"

  1. Kristina on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 6:20 pm 

    How awesome is this site ? I love free make up

  2. callie on Wed, 8th Feb 2012 10:59 am 

    i really will enjoy this please send samples ill review them all

  3. sara ross on Sat, 25th Feb 2012 4:35 am 

    how do i get free samples to try

  4. jen beckstead on Wed, 18th Apr 2012 11:40 am 

    I have just recently gotten into wearing makeup at 29 years old and believe me I have tried every brand I could find and loved it. Iould love to test some samples and I’need any feed back if it would help at all thank you Jen from Preston idaho

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