How to Eliminate Stretch Marks

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Are you struggling with getting rid of stretch marks? Stretch marks are usually caused by pregnancy or weight gain and loss. Stretch marks happen when the skin is stretched due to weight gain or pregnancy. When the weight is loss the skin does not tighten back up on its own, it needs some help. Here are some tips for getting rid of stretch marks.

If at all possible, start combating against stretch marks as soon as possible. The earlier you start treatment the better the results. There are plenty of over the counter creams and lotions that claim to get rid of stretch marks. Most of these creams and lotions do not work however. When purchasing an over the counter cream or lotion you should look for the product to contain Retin – A (Tretinoin). Retin-A has been clinically proven to reduce the presence of stretch marks.

There are many home remedies that can help as well. Exercise will help to get rid of the stretch marks. By toning your muscles you help you skin become more firm. Eat plenty of Vitamin C and E in your diet. These vitamins promote good tissue growth. You can rub cocoa butter, vitamin E, olive oil, or Vic’s Vapor Rub on your stretch marks.

Aside from these lotions and home remedies there is still one option you may want to consider. You may want to consider a dual laser treatment. Laser treatments are preformed in a doctor’s office and stimulate new collagen and elastic fiber growth. After about 3 to 5 treatments the marks should significantly reduce if not disappear completely. The downside to these laser treatments is the cost. Each laser treatment usually runs around $395.

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