Is blow-drying with your head flipped upside down really better?

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Anytime you move your roots against their natural growth direction and apply heat with a hair dryer, your hair will start to perk up. So yes, it is better for getting more volume. However, there are easier ways to get the same result. For best results, tousle your hair with your free hand while drying it. Apply a volumizer at the roots and comb it through to your ends. For curly-hair, the upside-down blow-dry is perfectly safe as long as you take a few precautions. Prep your curls with a ringlet-enhancing styler or, if your ringlets are very coarse, a good leave-in conditioner. Place a diffuser attachment on the dryer, flip your hair upside down, then instead of tousling your hair, just hold it steady with your hands and scrunch gently. When it’s just about dry, flip your head back up, shake the roots a bit to loosen the curl, then let air-dry completely.

Best way to apply concealer?

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Many women use concealer on a daily basis to hide blemishes and areas of redness and blotchiness. Concealer or colour corrector is a type of makeup used to cover pimples, dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. This product is mainly used by women, as well as by some men.

Applying certain kinds of make up needs to be done differently, and in a particlar way. At Nine MSN they have published a quick answer to this rather small problem. For example, when using a cncealer you need to try and disguise the undereye. It is a commonly known fact that the skin under the eye is more thinner and more blue that the rest of your facial skin. Use a light textured, yellow-based concealer and dab with your fingers for a more natural look.

There are more beauty tips and tricks to ensure that you apply youe concealer the right way the first time. Simply head on over to the MSN Nine website, and have a look. Click Here to Visit.

How To Apply Eye Liner?

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Eyeliner is a very important part of any woman’s makeup regiment. It’s almost like having cookies, and not complimenting them with milk. Some women teach themselves how to apply certain markups just by trial and error. Sometimes this is not the best practice. Here is an easy method you can use to apply Eye Liner.

The Beauty Tips has come up with 3 simple steps to apply Eyeliner with ease. Following these simple steps almost insures that you too can apply Eyeliner correctly the first time. Here are the steps as listed:

Step 1: Draw a thin line, try to draw as close to the base of your eyelids as possible. Start from the inside corner of your eye and work your way out. If you are not expert in drawing one long line all at once, do it in short strokes.

Step 2: When you have finished lining, lightly smudge (blend) the line you just drew. It will make the line smooth so that it doesn’t look like a distinct line.

Step 3: Experiment with lining the bottom of your eyes the same way for a more dramatic look. When lining your bottom lids, go in the opposite direction: start from the outside corner and work your way in.

Be sure to visit the beauty tips website for more information regarding beauty. They also offer more detailed information about using liquid eyeliner, the use of pencils and Kohl Pencils. The Beauty Tips – Using Eyeliner (Click Here)

How Do I Fix Brittle Nails?

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Brittle nails are often a concern for women trying to feature a stunning nail style. Having brittle nails can lead to troublesome experiences and a small lack of confidence. Women in the past used various home remedies to repair and strengthen weak nails, but often failed because they were simply not correctly informed. has an excellent article that explains the history of brittle nails and how the home remedies believed to work failed. Even backed with scientific evidence. Definitely worth a look. The article explains that in the past women often drank gelatin to strengthen brittle nails. “There is no scientific evidence that drinking gelatin makes your nails stronger.”

So, stay away from home remedies that tend to no work, and focus on a proven strategy that will strengthen weak nails the first time. The article explains that the problem is not the chemistry of the women’s body, rather the lack of moisture in the nails. “Petroleum Jelly (such as Vaseline) or a thick water-washable cream acts as an emollient.

Be sure to visit and read more on the subject of Brittle Nails. This article was educating and beneficial.

Blow Dry or Air Dry Hair?

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vicki.jpgTo Blow Dry, or To Air Dry… Now that is the question. Many people often take sides and blind themselves to the other side of the spectrum. People often say that with a blow-dryer is the best way to style and achieve that certain look and feel you are looking for. Some think that blow-drying is the fastest way to damage your hair. You can be the judge of that one.

Free-Beauty-Tips lists the pros and cons for both methods. There are also certain ways you should do both. People often tend to do these methods incorrectly, damaging the hair. That is certainly what you don’t want. For example did you know that air drying of hair is normally done by people with shorter low-maintenance hair. People often use a towel to speed the drying process, but did you know that this can leave your hair brittle?

For more information on blow-drying and air drying your hair, we suggest you read up on Free-Beauty-Tips article and become an expert yourself. When it comes to beauty, we have you covered.

Is It Better To Wax, or Shave?

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To wax or to shave hair, now that is the question. According to Nine Msn Australians spend more than $300 million dollars a year to keep the hair off. This includes hair removal products like wax and razors and shaving accessories.

There was an experiment conducted to find out which method would actually keep the hair from growing back as quickly. The test also aimed to find out which method would cause the hair to come back thinner over time.  Which do you believe is the more likely? Well tests concluded that they both were exactly the same. Its all about personal preference.

But, if you want your skin to be smoother after any two of the methods chosen you will want to go with waxing. The hair is completely removed leaving no stubble. Although more painful it seems the most popular choice among consumers. You can read the full article and see pictures and evidence to back up this claim at the MSN Nine website.