Does the sun clear up skin blemishes?

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Myth: Sun clears up skin blemishes.
Question: Does the sun clear up skin blemishes?

Our Answer: Everyone wants to have clear and clean skin. Although mother nature has a different plan for our bodies and skin, there are certain things that you should and should not do to attempt the ultimate clearing of skin blemishes. So, in this passage we will attempt to answer the question, will the sun help me to clear up skin blemishes?

It is a fact that when one gets any amount of significant sun exposure the skin tends to tan, even burn. This causes the skin to dry. Blemishes, pimples and other skin irritants dry and slowly fade. Initially you would think that the drying of the skin and the temporary removal of blemishes is a good thing, right? Well, the fact is, the sun dries these blemishes only temporarily and damages the good skin cells that reside in your skin. After the sun exposure, you skin is dry and your skin reacts to this state with an overproduction of oils. This overproduction can lead to an even more severe breakout later, a couple days after.

It is better to avoid extreme sun exposure and use sunscreens and other cosmetics that contain sun blocking agents. Find a better way to cleanse the skin and avoid temporary solutions like the sun. They tend to do more harm than good, at least that’s our opinion.

Will shaving cause hair to grow back thicker?

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Shaving GirlMyth: Shaving will cause the hair to come back thicker.

Question: Will shaving cause hair to grow back thicker?

Our Answer: Body hair is something that certain men and women are consistently battling over a lifetime. Some believe that in order to be beautiful or good looking, having a smooth hairless body is required. Americans and people all over the world spend countless dollars on hair-removal products, razors, etc. People buy these products to temporarily rid themselves of the unwanted body-hair. When one shaves, does it cause the hair to grow back thicker?

No. Sorry to have come out with it so bluntly. Shaving your body will not cause the hair to grow back thicker. Some people swear that this is happening. What is actually happening is all hairs in a specific region are shaved to the same level and all grow back together. The hairs appear to be more stubby and thicker. Naturally hairs fall out consistently, once shaven they have the chance to grow back together.

The fact is, your body is genetically programmed to grow a certain amount of hair. This is something we cannot escape. However, there are procedures that can stop your body from producing hair in a certain area. Laser surgery, etc.

Is Soap Bad For Your Skin?

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Myth: Soap is bad for your skin.
Question: Is soap bad for your skin?

Our Answer: There are hundreds of Americans that believe that soap is actually bad for your skin. There are countless people who actually avoid using certain, if not all soaps because of this theory. So, the big question: Is soap really bad for your skin? Before you stop using soap please read the following to ensure that soap is not really bad for your skin.

Overall, soap is not bad for your skin. Now before you run away and take that as the final answer please read on. Sometimes, depending on your individual skin type there might be certain brands or formulations that your skin might not react well to. For example if a certain type or brand of soap leaves your skin very dry or excessively oily then that is usually a good indicator that that specific brand might not be for you. Its important to find the soap type that works with your skin, because if you do not wash your skin it will become dirty and aggressive and unpleasant skin conditions can form.

In the past it was believed that soap was bad for you because soap was made primarily of animal fats, vegetable oils. But, this has never actually be proven.